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Font Awesome 6 – what’s new and release date

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The next generation of the web’s favorite icon library is coming soon. This new version is a major iteration of Font Awesome. That’s why in this article I’ve decided to cover some of the new features in Font Awesome 6. You’ll learn everything you need to know including:

Pre-orders are available for $99/year which will grant you early access to new icons and technology. So let’s summarize in short what new features are to be expected.

Font Awesome 6 New Features

New Icons & Updates

Font Awesome 6 New Icons

More than 500 freshly added and refreshed icons. Thus Font Awesome 6 will become a really big icon library with around 7,842 icons in total.

New thin style for all existing icons

Font Awesome 6 Thin Style

A brand-new thin icon style will be added for all existing icons.

A family of all existing styles

All existing styles

An entirely new Font Awesome Family. All existing icon styles (including the new thin style), rendered in a crisp new look.

Official WordPress + Rails + Django Plugins

An easy and dependable way to use icons in your WordPress pages and posts. Also, Rails and Django plugins will be available as well. Keep in mind that an official WordPress plugin has been published for a while now in the WordPress plugins directory.

Commissioned Icons

Font Awesome 6 Commissioned Icons

A new exciting feature is the ability to commission icons (for a certain price of course). When you commission an icon, it’ll be added to Font Awesome 6 once it’s designed.  For example, you can commission your logo as a brand icon. This is a great way to make your brand known and accessible to millions of users who can use your logo as an icon. I personally think this is a wonderful idea.

When will Font Awesome 6 be available

An initial release of Version 6 is planned for the second half of 2020 with more features and content added progressively after that. Which means any time now!

Will there still be a free Version 6

Both the Free and Pro versions of Font Awesome 6 will be available in different formats – as an icon font as well as individual SVGs.

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